22nd May 2011


Anonymous said: how old are you?(:

A good age.(:

2nd May 2011


Anonymous said: hi so im the girl that asked you the question about the talking to the guy for two hours and then never hearing from him afterwords for a week. well this is what happened i was talking to these girls about my situatuion and found out that he has been playing me and has a thing with another girl right now. all he wanted me for was sex and just to play me. i texted him and flipped out on him because i heard some other people saying that they were played too by him. he said that he wanted to be friends but im still realllllly pissed off and cant get him off my mind. what should i do?

The best thing to do in this situation is to do your best to forget about him because ,no one likes a player.We all fall for them but once we see there game,nothing is bound to go well. If you want to play him just as he playted you,than mess with him.And then once things go the way you want them too,let him go so he can see exactly what he did to you,other than that try and let go of him,maybe find a new cruch.Players gonna play.Just dont let them play you !

27th April 2011

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meggwhitedelight said: I'm dating this guy and we've been friends for a really long time prior to actually dating. He's not as aggressive as I would like. By "aggressive" I mean, I obviously wear the pants in our relationship. I don't like this. I want a guy who's going to kiss me just because he wants to, not sit around and wait for me to kiss him first. We've only been dating for about a week, so breaking up now might actually save our friendship. I'm not entirely sure what to do. Help?

Sound’s like a bit of a situation.

But,you guys have been friends for a long time,which means you guys share a special bond,which most other couples don’t have.And that’s not something you should give up right away.Your a week into your relationship,maybe he doesn’t want to rush it.It’s kind of ┬árisk kissing on the first week,maybe he is just playing it safe.You can never be too sure. If you want full clarity the best thing to do is to ask him. And if your looking to do more with him like sleep with him,or any other stuff,than you need to talk to him,because it might just be in his best intensions to take things slow and in the long run that might be healthy for your relationship.Give it time,you may find this is exactly what you want,But also don’t hold back,if you have questions ask him!

27th April 2011


Anonymous said: i thought that this guy liked me and we talked one night for 2 hours straight and its been a week and he hasn't texted or talked to me since. should i just move on and face the facts that he doesn't like me? i dont know why but i keep thinking about him and i hate it, i feel like hes ruining my life.

Dear Anon,

No don’t get over it.

Though he may have not called or texted you for a week doesn’t really mean anything. If you want to talk to him,than you should text him.If he doesn’t reply than there is a possibility that he may not like you. I know exactly what you mean when you say “i keep thinking about it” ,it’s a weird feeling too huh? But,If you want things to work you have to be ascertive.Meaning start handling things and taking charge but not coming on too strong.

So i say text him or call him.&If he doesn’t reply than,hey he doesn’t reply.But don’t let it feel like he’s running your life,because otherwisse,in the long run,your going to hate the fact that you feel his way.

BUT,I’m really interested in haring abut this.If you can,message me details on the situation,because this sounds interesting.And possibly I could help you out even more.&Also don’t but your ALL into this situation because if you do,than he may end up not liking you than you’d be heart broken and we don’t want that.But make thee effort to see what’s up with this boy.

24th April 2011


Happy Easter Tumblr’s :3

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